Monday, May 29, 2017

Another side of Lecce

This lovely town in southern Italy still bears traces of the fascist period. The sewers were installed by that regime, and you can still see the symbol ... a bundle of sticks along with the symbol of Lecce on the drain covers.  There have been attempts to grind off the symbol, but not always successfully.
There are also buildings especially around the main palazzo which are examples of the architecture of the time.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Open courtyard day Lecce

Every year, some private internal courtyards  in  the old town of Lecce are open for the public to visit.
Usually they are concealed behind huge closed doors, but on this day people  come from far and wide to see these elegant spaces.
Students from local schools and the music conservatorium were playing in some courtyards, enhancing the feel of stepping into another world.

Sunday, May 21, 2017


Locorotondo, as its name implies, is "rotund",  it has a round street plan and it follows the contours of the  hill on top of the very steep hill on which it sits.

When we visited, there was an abundance of spring flowers in pots. It is not quite as touristy as Alberobello, though there were many delightful little artist studios targeted at visitors.

I image that it would be rather bleak in winter.

From the town gardens we could see a great panorama of the surrounds.

The war memorial right at the entrance of the town listed a huge number of men who died in both wars.  There is a history associated with this town and war that I have not yet discovered.

Behind the pretty facade, the town has a tragic history.

I Contadini farm

On the way to Gallipolli (beautiful city) in Puglia we visited a farm, I Contadini, where vegetables are grown, processed and packaged. It is part of the slow food movement ... very labour intensive.  In summer the dried tomates are turned daily by hand in the sun. The day we were there they were processing artichokes. Mouthwatering, and interesting visit.


Alberobello is a charming town where the houses (trulli) are constructed in this unusual style.

A night at the theatre

Friday night we went to see an American singer Cheryl Porter sing songs of the famous Italian singers Mina and Mia Martini. Great entertainment!

Fishing in Puglia

A trip on a fishing boat to Torre Vado ... we hauled the fish in ... then we ate it!!!!